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Brightelife Telehealth Services

Welcome to Brightelife, a Telehealth conversational marketplace. Here you the patients, families, and customers can access expert doctors and specialists online from the comfort of your home. Our expert team of physicians, counselors, and therapists can help you diagnose, treat, and manage any health condition in times of need.

Brightelife uses an innovative Telehealth technology platform to overcome geographical barriers and increase access to health care. It enables new possibilities of providing accessible, cost-effective, and high-quality health care services worldwide. This is particularly beneficial for rural and underserved communities that traditionally suffer from the lack of access to health care in the US and around the 

Value of Brightelife telehealth services

  • Patient satisfaction - Access to doctors from anywhere any time, avoid travel, and positive outcomes. 
  • Physician satisfaction - Provide service when you can, increase the reach of patients and revenue, and have positive outcomes. 
  • Low costs - Reduction in health care cost, no travel cost.

Features of Brightelife telehealth services

  • Online appointment - Maintain an online appointment calendar so that you don't miss a single appointment.
  • Unlimited video sessions - Allows you to conduct unlimited online video sessions for the best patient experience.
  • Instant technical support - Technical support is available instantly.
  • HIPAA compliant - HIPAA compliant platform to share and store patient information with high confidentiality. 
  • Reporting and analytics - Provide detailed reporting and the ability to analyze situations to make informed decisions.
  • Enrolling is easy - Sign up for a free account by filling out your basic information on
  • Visit in minutes - Make an appointment or access urgent care service.
  • Paying is simple and easy. Enter your credit card information and authorize us to charge the fees.
  • Signup or Login now - Use your smartphone, tablet, or computer to signup or login and meet with your doctor.