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Brightelife Telehealth, Medical Opinion, and Medical Tourism Services

Welcome to Brightelife services. Here you can access top medical specialists online or in-person for telehealth, second opinion, and medical tourism services. Our specialists can make an accurate diagnosis of your health conditions such as, heart disease, neurological disease, infectious disease, autoimmune disease, cancer or any other diseases. Our partners can provide the best treatments, including surgery, chemotherapy, radiation therapy, stem cell therapy, or any other therapies effective for your disease

We use an innovative technology platform and partnerships to overcome the geographical barriers and access to high-quality service anywhere in the world. Our HIPAA compliant online platform gives you access to unlimited video sessions with the specialists and is safe for all ages. Our partner hospitals, the specialists, and providers are committed to provide the best service with high moral and ethical standards.

To access our service, sign up on and follow the instructions

For help:
Phone: 317-674-5841